Sunday, March 24, 2013

25km Long Run

Distance:25.00 km
Avg Pace:5:43 min/km
Elevation Gain:561 m
Met up with a guy from coolrunning who put out the call a while back for someone to run with around here. Ran from his place at Bowen Mountain into the Burralow Creek Valley and up to Bilpin and back. A little too rocky and hilly from Bowen Mt to the main trail, but overall a very easy paced run.

Not exactly the stimulus I was probably after, but coming off the tempo yesterday I guess its ok to run easy. However, prefer to run a solid rhythm run than 7:40km hiking. Trod on a bloody sharp rock and feel like I've bruised the ball of my foot. Everything else seems to be holding up ok, except for my left toenail.

I might have to give up on the trails and stick with road for the moment. It was nice running up in the mist though.

Start and end of the trail.

Weekly Total:

Running: 103.38km (8:53:48) (1658m elevation)

I think its only the second time I've hit 100k. Only did it this week because I ran last weeks long run on the Monday of this week. 50 days consecutive running too.

On the one hand I'm happy to be hitting 4:13's for 16k, but I'm also aware thats the pace I will need to hold for a sub 3hr marathon, which seems like such a long way away.

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