Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 4: Run/Walk + 17km Cycle

Distance:5.67 km
Avg Pace:5:39 min/km
Elevation Gain:67 m

Much worse than Monday, tight and a bit of ache.

Saw Richard Windybank at Sydney Sports Medicine. Left foot is completely collapsing. Despite two physios telling me that it's all coming from the hip, he 100% believes the issues are coming from the foot. And it's only the left foot - right foot is rigid and neutral, left just collapses. He mentioned it was very unusual to have two feet that are so different from each other.

Interestingly he told me he had only ever seen a first metatarsal stress fracture/reaction once in 17 years - pretty much guaranteed that that was not what I had in my foot prior to Sydney. More likely to have been a problem with the metartarsal joint. Wonders whether it has been a stress reaction in the tibia and thinks its more likely to be periosteal inflammation. Straight into an MRI next time (there will be no next time)!

I am reluctant to get orthotics if I can avoid it, chances are I will have to get some made at some point.

Plan: Calf raises only on a flat surface, driving through the big toe - off a step puts the foot into a poor position. Build up to 3x20 twice a day. Strengthen the FHL - push into ground from sitting, will use the theraband as well. Run majority of km's in the Pegasus, only use the minimal stuff for tempos and fast stuff. Manage the calf tightness.

17km Cycle

Distance:17.02 km
Avg Speed:21.0 km/h
Elevation Gain:90 m

Easy cruise around Homebush. Will need to try new shoes.