Tuesday, November 20, 2012

20km Easy

Distance:20.01 km
Avg Pace:5:03 min/km
Elevation Gain:352 m

First day on the Tiger program. Haven't run this route before, headed out into the middle of the national park which is about 15mins drive from home. Ended up be more difficult than anticipated with virtually 4.5km of uphill. It just never ends.

Went 'proper' trail running down a 4wd track, but started thinking about how easy it would be to get bitten by a snake and die out there no mobile phone, just a bottle, a pair of shorts and a visor. I'd have to tear my shorts up to make a compression bandage/tourniquet and that would be embarrassing.

Mentally tough, just 20k's of trees and dirt and hills. I wonder if this was the kind of running De Castella did in the Dandenongs. Cruised back down. Did not see one other person or car for the entire time I was out there.

Not sure how garmin work out there elevation data but this is much hillier than the Colo run I've done, but the elevation gain is about the same. Ran in the 1600's. Legs feel a bit more beaten up than they should.

Another day in the bush