Sunday, October 28, 2012

12km Aerobic Base Run

Distance:12.01 km
Avg Pace:4:53 min/km
Elevation Gain:339 m

First run out at the Colo River. About a 20min drive from home, but am able to run on a dirt road with a fair bit of up and downs without being stupidly steep. Nice place to run apart from the fear of snakes and the shock of a few kangaroos bounding around - 3 greys, 3 black tailed wallabies (?) 1 brush turkey, 1 rooster and 1 barking labrador which was behind a fence thankfully.

Longest run lately and foot is feeling fine, a little achey yesterday afternoon. Actually felt reasonably comfortable for the most part today which is nice - probably because its a morning run and its not too hot.

38km for the week.

Instagrammed beginning of road