Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stress reaction

Messed up my training and ended up with what the physio believes to be a stress reaction in my foot. 

I can see exactly what I did that caused it too. 

In 'Advanced Marathoning', Pfitzinger talks about being flexible in training, and basically I wasn't. Too caught up in chasing the mileage. Had the opportunity to run City 2 Surf here in Sydney, and in doing that moved my longest run (34km) to a few days before that (friday), problem being that I'd run a 30k at MP just 5 days earlier. So ended up in that 7 day period doing 107km - whereas my previous 7 days was around 84 - so while it wasn't "per week" exactly - it was obviously too much. Was feeling real good too.

Am hoping it will only be a relatively short lay off (3 weeks) - but lesson learnt. Only three and a half weeks to Sydney now so pretty devastated to see an entire years training lead to nothing (goal wise). Maybe, maybe can run at Sydney - if not the marathon, then the half. It's a pretty huge maybe though.

Otherwise the plan is to hopefully maintain fitness, get better and smash a solid sub 40min 10k race at Penrith. Then I think plan will be to build a massive base, work on some consistent strength training over summer and race a few times on the track if I can. Will then aim at a sub 3hr marathon at either Canberra or Gold Coast. If I can get my 5km time down to around 17mins over the next few months I might try and get a spot at the Uni games next year - undecided on that.

The rollercoaster ride that is running.