Monday, August 27, 2012

56km Cycle
Distance:56.16 km
Avg Speed:26.4 km/h
Elevation Gain:594 m
Longest ride I've done. About 10 minutes of stoppage time to re-adjust seat height and pee.

Picked up 200kg's of weights on Saturday so now have now excuse not to do regular strength work.

Weekly Totals:

Cycling: 195.67km (7:25:50)

Around 2000m of elevation gain, so a few hills. Sucks to be off running, but I'm still kind of hopeful that I'll be healed in time to take part, although there is still recognisable discomfort in the foot. My plan is another 10 days off and then, if no pain from activity, try it out. That's pretty much 3 weeks off from the day I experienced massive problems.