Thursday, June 28, 2012

15km Aerobic Base Run + 15km Cycle

Distance:15.02 km
Avg Pace:4:44 min/km
Elevation Gain:232 m
Avg HR:154 (82%)
Max HR:175 (94%)
Scheduled 14k, but went a bit far away. Stopped and cooled down with about 700m slow jog. Have finally updated the garmin to have HRR% and updated max HR up by 2 beats. Makes a difference to the max% I see now. Apparently HRR is more accurate so I'll try use that to gauge things. Felt like I was goinng a touch hard but percentage was lower, whatever... Good pace over the hills.

Had a differnt taping technique shown to me yesterday, but didn't seem to be as effective so will go back to what I was doing. Could feel my knee being a bit weird again. Ice etc etc

PM: Cycle

Distance:15.09 km
Avg Speed:28.5 km/h
Elevation Gain:65 m
New bike :) Much easier to sit around 30k an hour on the flat. Still getting used to the drop bars. Gearing could probably be better, but can't really complain given the price.

Hit the gym straight after for -

Deadlift: 80 80 80 80 80
Single leg bridges: 2x15+15