Sunday, March 4, 2012

21km Medium Long Run

Hot, hilly and humid. Garmin ran out of battery right on the first k. Very unusual for me to forget to charge it - maybe it was a subconscious way of saying I didn't really feel like running. Anyway, toughed it out and pretty much knew the route I was going to take. Ended up with an Average pace of 5:29min/km which is a fair bit quicker than what I thought I was doing. Probably the few k downhill to the high school. Only a few people around doing exercise - 1 other runner from the Hawkesbury tri club (t-shirt) and a couple of cyclists. Everyone says g'day to each other which is a nice change from Sydney.

Still adjusting to the weather and the hills. I should be waking up earlier. Hopefully the hills hill toughen me up a bit. Will do the longer runs on the flat and the medium longs in the hills.

51.65km for the week + 30km on the bike.