Sunday, October 23, 2011

8 x 400m Intervals

8 x 400m Intervals (200m recovery)

1:31.4 (3:48min/km)
1:28.4 (3:41min/km)
1:29.3 (3:43min/km)
1:28.9 (3:42min/km)
1:29.8 (3:45min/km)
1:20.1 (3:20min/km)
1:26.2 (3:35min/km)
1:24.0 (3:30min/km)

10km total including warm up and cool down

Last run for the week and I thought I'd just be doing an easy 10k, maybe some fartlek, but then got a workout loaded onto the Garmin and thought I'd give it a go. Plan was just to do easy, relaxed 400's around 4min pace which of course didn't happen. The sixth interval which is about ten seconds quicker was when a couple of 12yr olds decided to race me - and they were keeping up! Was pretty hammered afterwards. Made up 3k warmdown to see me complete my first 100k week ever.

Weekly Totals:

Running: 101.27km
Cycling: 19.49km

Heaps less cycling this week, bit more intensity in some of the runs.