Saturday, October 29, 2011

28km Long Run

Avg Pace: 5:19min/km

Long, painful run. Legs were fatigued from the outset and my left shin, which I noticed was sore yesterday afternoon, just got worse and worse despite multiple attempts to stretch it out. I think the tendons might be a bit inflammed. Still managed 28k, just with a few stops. Ran with the handheld which was pretty good, reasonably comfortable, just a bit sweaty.

I'd been intending to get out along the Parramatta River towards Silverwater for a long time. Would be a decent 35k run someday. Tonnes of cyclists through Bicentennial Park and heaps of rowers on the water. Not so many runners around. Had to catch a train from Concord and bus from Strathfield, so it took an extra 50mins from when I stopped running to when I got home.