Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mixed Intervals

Mixed Intervals with 2min recovery

3km - 12:32 (4:10min/km pace)
1.6km - 6:42 (4:09min/km pace)
1km - 4:04 (4:04min/km pace)
800m - 3:04 (3:49min/km pace)

Goal paces were 3k- 4:40, 1.6k- 4:26, 1km- 4:17, 800m- 4:09. Again went too fast, having fresh legs and a complete inability to pace myself still. Continuing to try and rehabilitate the achilles. Is feeling a lot better overall, still aches but much less. Felt fine whilst running but once cooled down was pretty tight again.

Beautiful pancakes made by my beautiful wife post-workout!