Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mixed Intervals

Mixed Intervals with 2min recovery

2km - 8:21 (4:10min/km pace)
1.6km - 6:52 (4:15min/km pace)
1km - 4:06 (4:06min/km pace)
800m - 3:09 (3:56min/km pace)

Had goal paces of 4:34 for 2k, 4:21 for the mile, 4:12 for the 1k and 4:03 for the 800. Well, as usual I went out far too hard. Those paces are supposed to be half-marathon, 10k, 5k and 3k paces.

I ran to Pratten Park about 1.5k away to find that they were remarking the lines so I thought I'd jog to the Princes(s) Park where I sometimes go but is a bit further. Ended up doing a 4km warm up run, extra k's I guess, but found that they were holding a school athletics day. Across the road is Canterbury Race Club so I just ran my intervals in their car park which is about 300m long with a little loop around a tree at the end. The first 2k interval is interesting because I was actually stopped by an asian guy who wanted directions to the athletics carnival across the road.

Haven't done intervals for a while and thought I'd be a bit out of shape but mostly felt ok. I crumbled with about 250m to go in the 800 just because I decided to give it a good go. Nearly spewed at the end of that. Good session. 13k total.