Friday, July 29, 2011

20km Cycle

Commute to the acupuncturist. First time riding in the city. Getting there is fine its just once you're in the CBD the cycle paths come and go. I found myself cruising down the bus lane on York St and crossing lanes of traffic. Slightly nerve racking.

I plan to commute to the city much more this semester, so I'm looking at 60 - 100k on the bike a week plus 60 - 80k running (if I can get my leg sorted). This would be at absolute peak limit I think. The bike ride doesn't seem very hard, so I don't know how much that would add to my fatigue. If I did a morning session I don't know how I'd back up on the bike afterwards though.

I'd love to try and get two swims in a week as well as two upper body strength sessions. I doubt this will ever happen but maybe I can give it a shot.

At this stage I'm just going to need the bike to maintain some level of fitness whilst the running volume is down.