Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wrapping up 2010

Well its been an eventful year. The biggest event for me is, of course, getting married to my beautiful wife, Jisun.

Training and fitness wise its been interesting, I finished my Crossfit journey I guess, which has advantages and disadvantages. I think I'm less fit than I was this time last year, I'm certainly not as strong as I was, but then I couldn't run 10k without pain either. I had to make a choice about focussing where I wanted to go, that plus distance and finances swayed me to choose running. I met some fantastic guys who I don't get to see much of now and I miss the group dynamic, but then I've gotten to run some pretty cool events which I didn't think I ever would. Things like the Sydney Half-Marathon, and the Glenbrook Trail 25km. I got to smash out a 10k in the pouring rain at Penrith Lakes and I got to ascend/descend one of the steepest, longest hills up at Woodford. I also did a bit of gymnastics in the latter part of the year which was fun - I still cant get that damn handstand though - but I'm a lot closer than I was 6 months ago.

Looking at 2011 I'm aiming to complete my first marathon - either Gold Coast or Sydney. At this stage Sydney looks most likely. I'm going to try and build up the km's over the next couple of months, nothing too intense, just building endurance capacity and trying to avoid injury. I need to be really consistent and need to focus on prevention/recovery. That includes nutrition as well which I've gone way off the mark with.

Looking back at the second half of 2010 (when I stopped Crossfitting) my km's were; July: 80km, August: 75km, September: 53km, October: 92km, November: 78km, December: 61km. Pretty minimal which I put down to some lingering soreness/injury. So the focus in early 2011 will be on base building; getting a solid aerobic endurance capacity, a few swims and a kettlebell strength wod once a week as well. Then I'll move into a bit more of a sprint/tempo/long focus up until the marathon. I've got at least three official trail runs planned up until April. Then the SMH Half Marathon in May, then the Sydney Marathon in September if all goes to plan.

First race since high school, Mirrambeena. Sri Minchoy 8km (37:50). May 2010