Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last gymnastics session for the year. Out of 9 weeks I missed two which sucks. Had a new coach as the last one suddenly departed for reasons unknown.

Started the session with stretches and then strength work, plank, hollow rock, narrow push ups, wide push ups, calf raises. Then 2 x circuit of 10 tuck jumps, walking lunges, crab walks, single leg squat off beam. Followed that with bunny hops (handstand tuck), bunny hops and legs extended, handstands, handstands to forward roll, cartwheels, hurdle to cartwheel. I am so bad at cartwheels, I really should be practicing them. My handstands were a bit off as well, but I had one ok one. Went up to the trampoline and did tuck jumps, straddle jumps, monkey rolls and knees to hand to knees to feet. Then the fun began.

Had to do running to the spring board and front flip. I dont know what it was but I just could not get the idea of how to do this until my last two attempts. Really frustrating.
Then had some attempts at backflips which went ok, got the last one without falling over upon landing so I felt like that was a good ending for the year.

50 push ups before work today too.