Monday, December 13, 2010

12km Run

Run Time: 1:06:04
Stopped Time: 3:28
Distance: 11.83 km
Average: 5:35 /km
Fastest Pace: 4:32 /km
Climb: 88 meters
Calories: 871

Max HR: 175 (93%)
Avg HR: 160 (85%)

Was supposed to be an easy/recovery type run. Had talked myself out of doing this by the time I got home from work but sat down and cooled off before deciding to give it a go. Tired and a few niggles in the legs/hips. Feel heaps better for doing it but have definitely lost some condition over the past weeks. Was a hot afternoon and got some damn blisters on my toes as well. Not 100% on the accuracy of the iPhone GPS, because I'm pretty certain I went slightly over 12km - and I'm sure I didn't stop for three and a half minutes. But anyway, $3 vs $300, I can take that.