Thursday, November 11, 2010


3 x 1600m 1 Minute recovery

6:47.7 (4:14 min/km)
7:03.8 (4:24 min/km)
7.17.4 (4.33 min/km)

Solid session. First "real" interval session trying to stay at a designated pace. i was trying to stay within 7:15 - 7:32 for each interval. I'm used to doing all out efforts (damn CF) so I'm still not sure how to pace myself. Obviously went too quick for the first two. Anyway, good hit out, but need to learn how to pace properly.

Elevated the legs to drain as much fluid away from them before a bit of a calf stretch and heading home. Calves felt pretty tight.

Pre: Nil
Post: WPC + Dextrose