Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Half an hour warming up with jumps, handstand practice and cartwheel practice. Feel like the cartwheels are really letting me down, but they're not too much of a priority. Did a couple of backflips, back tucks I think they get called, from the trampoline onto a mat placed on top of the foam pit. Was spotted by the coach (he basically holds your shirt and helps pull you through. After that did a tiny bit of work on the rings and was pleased to get three sets of five out on the rings, legs tucked up - rather than behind, so it works abs as well. Was also pleased that I was the only one able to do that many! Super, super unstable.

Rest of the session was mainly back tucks from a hard box on to a mat (spotted). Really surprised that I'm making progress on this, but still have a huge way to go. Some of the O-Lifting stuff I've done helps as it gives you the right idea about extending through the hips.

Spoke to the coach about what one needs to do to even start considering skill work on the rings and its at least 10 consecutive ring dips, preferably L-dips. He also mentioned that to get good at gymnastics one would need to put in about 12-15 hours a week. Damn, I'm only doing 1.5.

I've quit the gym as I'm moving this week, I'll try and work in a lot more bodyweight work.