Sunday, November 7, 2010

15km Run

Started: 07/11/2010 8:43:14
Run Time: 1:28:14
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 15.09 km
Average: 5:51 /km
Fastest Pace: 4:11 /km
Climb: 115 meters
Calories: 1169

Max HR: 180 (95%)
Avg HR: 162 (86%)

A tough run. Wasn't feeling super motivated this morning, but felt quite good when I started out. Have a little bit of recurring ITB tightness on the left which comes and goes. Splits look ok. Nutrition yesterday was minimal and fairly low carb. Pre run just had a wpc shake - trying to lower the carbs a bit and get a little fat adapted. Probably running a touch hard though for that which is why it ended up being fairly tough! Hit a real short, sharp hill right at the end which just pushed my HR up to 180 and made me feel like puking.. It was also damn humid today (looking on BOM site Parramatta was 93% at 9am) and I felt like I was sweating heaps. Will try and get some salt tabs sometime.

Am also trying to up the km's over the next few weeks but with a shorter 'long' run and more easy runs + tempo + intervals... See what happens.

Pre: WPC shake
Post: WPC + Dextrose (40g carbs)